Watchmen Gets Shorter

Although WB has not approved the new length, the producer said Deborah Snyder were really close to obtain during a telephone interview. They were in two hours and 35 minutes. Zack added the film rather long compared to 300, which was an hour and 58 minutes. Around the time for another update Watchmen! Speaking of time, and Deborah Zack Snyder told SCI FI Wire that the final length film is to get shorter. It is even more than the theatrical version, for the detail that is still closer to the graphic novel. The directors cut [of Watchmen] is about three hours and 10 minutes.

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Keanu Reeves Says No To Possible Speed Sequel

According, a new Speed project is on the road, and the studios are hoping to get him back.. L actor has denied entries on-line which will be reprising his role as Jack TRAVEN in a possible 3rd installment of the film. Keanu Reeve is not doing more Speed . Ongoing voices say that the 44-year-old actor, who has exceeded the possibilities of resuming his role in Speed 2, will be aboard the 3 movies.

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President Elect Obama Inspires Naming Craze

In his Keynote address at the 2004 Democratic Convention, Barack Obama calls himself a skinny kid with a funny name. Now, only four years later, funny name that appears on public buildings and birth certificates.

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Obama Fundraising Close To 1 Billion

As President-elect Barack Obama hosted a gala for some of its first and most loyal financial supporters Thursday evening, his aides released new information showing the magnitude of their feat: They raised nearly $ 1 billion for his election campaign and other related initiatives.

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Morning Memo Mary Kate Olsen Not Pregnant Sienna Miller And Balthazar Getty Still On Donald Trump Fu

Donald Trump is fuming with his brother Robert, who is currently in the middle of a divorce battle with his wife Blaine, for failing to arrange a premarital agreement and the use of ex-wife Ivana old divorce lawyer, Robert Cohen. Beyonce and Adrien Brody seems to have enjoyed making out with one another on the set of Cadillac Records. Sienna Miller and Balthazar Getty are not back together, because we discover that never broke in the first place. Mary-Kate Olsen rumors of a pregnancy, which started when his weight shot up to 102 pounds (!), Are not true, according to the actress REP. According to a group of well-dressed people, the Lower East Side 81 Chloe is becoming the Biggie To.

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